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Работы участников I открытой дистанционной конференции учебных проектов
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Наша Школьная Жизнь
<I-я открытая школьная дистанционная конференция ученических проектов>
Творческая работа участника I-ой открытой школьной дистанционной конференции ученических проектов

Наша    Школьная Жизнь
 Гильчишина Катя
 Мазулина Олеся
 Чекед Елена
                              11а класс
   МУСОШ №32

Хуртина Юлия Викторовна
 (учитель английского языка)

Ознакомить аудиторию с нашей школьной жизнью.
1.Рассмотреть плюсы и минусы школьной жизни.
2.Провести опрос у учеников.
3.Рассмотреть идеи и предложения по усовершенствованию школьных условий.
Актуальность темы:
Мы - ученики школы «Эврика – Развитие», поэтому данная тема для нас очень актуальна.

  План работы:
1.Введение. Право на образование.
2.Здание нашей школы.
3.Начальная школа.
4.Наша весёлая жизнь.
5.Некоторые минусы школы.
6.Опрос по улучшению школьных условий.
7.Наш последний школьный год.

  Our School Life
We are citizens of Russia and have the right to education. It is guaranteed by the Constitution and ensured by the broad development of compulsory secondary education, vocational specialized secondary and higher education.
Our school is usual enough and it looks like many schools in Russia.
Our school is a three – storied building. On the ground first floor there are administrative offices, work shops, a canteen, a gym, a cloak room. On the first floor there is a large assembly hall, a modern computer class, classes for primary school, chemistry and biology labs. On the second floor there are physics lab, English studies, Mathematics and History studies.
Of course, our school life has both positive and negative sides.
We started school at the age of seven. The primary school curriculum included Russian, Mathematics, English, Drawing and Music.
Now, we are in the eleventh form and we understand that very soon we will leave our school.
So we are trying to make our school life more interesting. So we go to the cinema and theatre together. We went hiking several times. Some years ago we went to St. Petersburg. What’s more, our classmates take an active part in academic and non-academic activities.
We like our class. We always feel at home here. Everybody is so friendly and easy to get along with all the classmates and we often spend our free time together.
Our favorite subject is English. We like to learn new words, to act out dialogues. We like it when we discuss something interesting to us, when we are taught to debate, when we have small-group discussions or set up a role play.
But we aren’t very good in Physics. We always fail to learn formulas and terms properly. Maybe our Physics teacher is too serious, too academic. She isn’t imaginative enough and her lessons are a little bit dull. There isn’t enough excitement for us to get interested in the subject.
We like PE very much because teacher is merry, kind and she tells us a lot of funny jokes.
But we can’t say we like our mathematics lessons because our teacher is very strict. She thinks mathematics is the most important subject at school. And we can’t relax, because we must count, do the sums, and so on all the time.
We’d like to say about our problems at school. Sometimes the staff is unfriendly and we quarrel with them.
Besides, the food we are given in our canteen is not always  tasty. From time to time it is cold and of bad quality.
Sometimes our life is very difficult at school.
We usually have a lot of homework and it takes us several hours to do it. We sometimes have to write a composition, to prepare a report, to translate a news paper article from English into Russian or to learn a poem by heart.
We don’t have free time. But we are teenagers. We need spare time to go to a disco, to read an interesting book or just to relax.
To make our school life better we asked a number of students in our school of they are satisfied with their school life.
This survey was carried out to find out what changes should be done in our school. Twenty students were asked. A large number of those surveyed 60% want our school lunches were warm and tasty. 20% of people want to study in modern, equipped, clean classrooms. They wish most of the classrooms to be repaired and redecorated. 8% of them aren’t satisfied with the way of teaching of some subjects. 12% of students think that we should have younger, kinder and nicer cleaners.
In conclusion we should say that our authorities should pay more attention to quality of our
school lunches.

 Nevertheless, we try to solve our problems together. We use the proverb « One is for all and all are for one » in action.
We hoe that after leaving school we will meet often. We will help each other. And all our classmates will stay as friendly, nice and kind as they are now.
Назначение и применение:
Данный проект может быть использован с целью ознакомления с нашей интересной школьной жизнью и предложить администрации школы обратить внимание на некоторые проблемы.
Мы описали жизнь нашей школы.
Ознакомились с лексикой по теме: «Наша школьная жизнь».
Повторили видовременные формы английского языка.


                 «На уроке физкультуры»



                 «УРОК АНГЛИЙСКОГО»


« А вот наша школа»

 «Начальная школа»
«Это наша раздевалка»

«А это наша лестница»

Welcome to our school!!!=)

© Проект "Центр образовательных технологий"
Ресурсный центр "ИКТ в образовательном процессе"
© Школа №32 "Эврика-развитие" г. Волжский
E-mail: Heureka32.vlz@mail.ru
©  Гильчишина Катя,Мазулина Олеся, Чекед Елена

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